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The Women of Archaeology

Dirt, Trowels and Tampons

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A community dedicated to women and archaeology.
Welcome to archaeo_girls, a community for women working in all aspects of archaeology, anywhere in the world. Planning on becoming one of us one day? Feel free to join and pick our brains regarding advice and universities! Just interested? We won't turn you away! This community is for you. We've all been there; we all understand.

Are men allowed to join? Of course! We love our male colleagues (for the most part). So long as this community remains a safe and lively space for women and archaeology, anyone is welcome to join in the discussion.

- Rant about the bad jobs
- Rave about the good ones
- Recommend items you couldn't live without
- Review archaeology-related books and films
- Discuss issues related to archaeology and the lifestyle of a female field archaeologist
- Bemoan the lack of privacy, the difficulties of long distance relationships and crew romances
- Discuss health, hygiene and reproductive issues in confidence
- Make new friends
- Find new jobs
- Complain about peeing in the field
- Confess your childhood crush on Indiana Jones


1) When ranting about companies, roommates, or workmates, PLEASE don't mention anyone by name. Remember this is a public forum, and I don't want to see anyone getting in trouble. It's OK to say "a company in [state]" or use people's initials. Try to remember to keep such posts friendslocked as well. If you have a serious complaint about a company for which you work/have worked, include an email address or other way for community members to contact you privately for details. If you have questions about the quality of a company, be sure to screen replies to your post.

2) Be polite. We are all decent, civilised people here, so let's try and act like it. This means no excessive bad language or vulgarity. Treat your fellow members with respect.

3) Please try to stay on topic. Feel free to pimp related communities and websites, and suggest some more things to go under "interests". Help us make this community the best it can be.

4) No quiz results. At all. This means you.

5) If you want to post several/large pictures, please use an LJ cut.
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